Freshbooks Masterclass




Freshbooks Masterclass

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This course is all about learning Freshbooks. This is a masterclass course which covers beginner and higher skills, so you don’t need to have used the software before to get started, If you complete the sections in order you will see that they each build onto the one before. Freshbooks is user friendly and is easy to start, which makes it great for freelancers and small businesses. I show you step by step how everything is done in Freshbooks. You can watch the videos and follow the steps and you have the option to refer back to the videos at anytime.

In this course you will learn:

How to setup a Freshbooks account

How to Reconcile bank accounts

How to create invoices and send to customers

How to record bills and expenses

How to run reports to keep an eye on your business

How to run a Sales tax (GST) Report

This course is useful if:

  • You are thinking of working with the software
  • You are a bookkeeper or accountant and will be using this software for clients
  • You run your own business and want to know how to use Freshbooks
  • You want this skill to add to your cv or are going for jobs where this skill is a requirement

You will need access to the internet to setup a Freshbooks account. We show you how to setup a free 30 day trial.