Xero Invoice Customisation




Xero Invoice Customisation

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This course is all about learning how to customise invoice templates in Xero. The course shows you how to customise standard invoicing all the way through to customising .docx files in word. There is also a video showing examples of what you can create using the .docx templates for inspiration. Xero’s invoicing is able to be customised without the need for an add on to do this. I show you step by step how to do this in Xero and in Word. You can watch the videos and follow the steps and you have the option to refer back to the videos at anytime. I have also added extra resources for the course including a design guide and all basic templates that can be used throughou the course.

In this course you will Learn:

How to customise standard xero invoices, purchase orders, quotes, credit notes and Statements.

How to create new template branding themes – Standard & Custom

How to upload logos

How to setup and add payment services

How to setup up default settings

How to add invoice reminders

How to customise .docx files

How to preview custom .docx theme invoices

How to add barcodes to invoice templates

How to create a receipt template

Tips & tricks – to answer some FAQS about invoicing