Float for Cash Flow Forecasting!

Float is a cash flow forecasting software that provides cash flow insights that combine all your bills, invoices and actuals with the budgets that you set. It syncs with Xero to make managing your business easier. Forecasting can be a great tool if you are looking to expand, or want to increase your cash flow.

Float will automatically import all your invoices and bills so that these can be tracked against your projections. It will show you the outstanding invoices and bills which you can update with when you think these will be paid to make the forecast as accurate as possible.

Float lets you –

1. Create Scenarios

This lets you model hypothetical situations to see how they compare to your actual forecast. You can also layer different scenarios to quickly compare the impact that these will have on your cash flow.

2. Understand the Details

Provide a clear overview of your past and future cash transactions. It allows you to drill down to see what is going to happen next week or forecast for the full year.

3. Export and Share Insights

Share your forecasts as PDF or CSV. The insights page gives more detailed reports including budget vs actual variance reports, single category deep dives and you can also view and download multiple scenarios on one graph.

4. Compare Budget vs Actual

With automatic data imports, float can show you exactly how much cash has moved in and out of your business.

Float has 3 options and can be paid monthly or annually. The annual pricing is shown below.


Float has a 14 day free trial so is great to try the software and see if it is right for your business.

I have trialed this software and found it fairly simple to use and all the reviews I have seen are good. The automatic syncing feature saves them quite a few hours especially if they were doing weekly forecasts on spreadsheets prior. The value of this app just in time savings could reduce staff costs or time that can then be allocated to other tasks.


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