5 Tips For Working From Home

Covid 19 has made it a necessity to be able to work from home, and with the increase in online cloud based software it has made it possible to start up your laptop and work from almost anywhere. Even though it can be convenient working from home it comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Working from home can make it harder to switch off and it’s easy to answer emails after work hours which can create availability expectations.

Create a space to work in

This can be a specific room/office or a space that is dedicated only to work. By separating your home and work spaces it can make it easier to switch off at the end of the day. Trying to balance a laptop on your lap while you’re working on a couch is not practical for long periods of time. Keeping your workplace clutter free can help you to concentrate.

Set boundaries

Your hours should stay the same as they would have been in your office. Turn off your email notifications so that you aren’t distracted from the task at hand and check your inbox every couple of hours or between tasks. Answering every email notification instantly will constantly break your concentration and will increase the time taken to complete tasks.

Create a work routine

Set a regular start and finish time for the day and include breaks for lunch and stretching if you’re at a computer all day. Identify the most important tasks that need to be completed for the day and start with those.

Practise Self-Care

Working from home can mean you could go a whole day or even a week without seeing anyone else. Prioritise your jobs and be realistic about what you can complete each day especially for those also having to home school kids. Ensure you take breaks to re-energise yourself and communicate with others even if it’s online. I regularly email the person I sit next to at work to check in and see how their weekend was just the same as we would chat about it on a Monday Morning.

Get outside

The fresh air and natural light are good for you and your body needs movement for your blood to circulate. Take a walk and get away from your desk, it’s important to leave your house even if it’s for short breaks.

Working from home can improve productivity in some people however it can cause negative practices in others. Remember to practise self care and prioritise mental and physical well being. Work out what best works for you, remember everyone else is also working from home and may have tips or software that will make your job easier. Join some facebook groups and remember to communicate with others.

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