4 Ways to Customise your Reporting with Add-ons

All accounting software has standard reports that you can run to see how your business is doing however you can customise your reporting with add-ons that are specific to your industry or just to fit your reporting requirements better. Xero has a lot of reports available and even with all the customisable features these reports don’t always meet a business’s needs, especially if you are a visual person and prefer your reports with graphs, there is currently only one report available directly from xero with a graph.

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Syft Analytics is an award winning financial reporting and analytics tool that can be used to review, analyse and predict financial data. It can provide simple reports all the way to integrated forecasts and directly links with cloud based accounting software Xero, Quickbooks Online and Sage Accounting. If you are using a different software the apps has the ability to upload the trial balance manually.

  • Visualise financial and non-financial data in easy to understand graphs
  • Create management reports, report packs and financial statements
  • Use benchmarking to compare your performance against competitors
  • Create financial forecasts to plan for the future
  • Customise Syft with White-Labeled domains and reports

With pricing plans starting from $31 per month Syft Analytics is quite affordable for most business’s. Most reporting add-ons are quite expensive.

I have used Syft and have recommended this to several of my clients as a cost effective forecasting, visualisation and reporting extension. The Professional and Enterprise+ plans also do Forex/currency management. All reviews of the software that I have seen are good and is now used by over 75,000 organisations in 50+ countries.

There is a 14 day free trial available so you can trial the software and make sure that it meets your reporting needs.

Figured is a farm financial managment software which makes managing your farm easier. It is a complete dairy, livestock and crop, production tracking, budgeting and forecasting tool. It is a cloud based app that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. As financial planning is especially important for the farming industry using Figured will help you with diversification, expansion or sucession planning. Your accountant and financial advisor can also be give access to allowyour team to be on the same page.

Figured has a few integrations including:

  • Xero – This integration is available globally.
  • Farm Source – Fonterra updates your total monthly milk production. This is available for NZ customers.
  • Farm IQ – combined with Figured this automatically syncs all stock transactions to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Paysauce –

The combination of Xero, Figured & Paysauce has formed the definitive farm financial managment app stack for farmers. Together this app stack takes care of financial & HR compliance requirements with the addition of Hubdoc it also provides a document management system. Simply enter any purchases, sales updates or stock quantities into Figured; an invoice is sent to Xero and automatically matches the payment when it appears in your bank account.

Figured has two pricing options for single farms or a package for multiple farms that can be consolidated.

Figured is now used by hundreds of farms and all the reviews I have seen have given the app 4 or 5 Stars and have noticed how easy it is to get understandable information out of. It can break down income and expenses into cents per kilo of milk solids giving you valuable information that you can’t get by just using Xero.

There is a 14 day free trial available so you can trial the software and make sure that it meets your reporting needs.

Re-Leased is a commercial property management software, which allows property managers to manage assets, tenants and properties with ease and confidence. Using this software has allowed managers to lower costs and reduceadministration time by up to 75%.

Reptitive tasks can be automated like automatic invoice generation, emails to tenants and arrears notifications. The smart dashboard will ensure that you never miss a critical action as it auto populates with all the vital inspections etc. Re-leased has also partnered with Stripe to provide an integrated payment solution. This will give you the ability to track all payments that are coming in to your account in real time.

Re-leased makes accounting a breeze by integrating with Xero or Quickbooks Online. Tenant data and financial accounts are instantly synced, which will save you time and there will be no more double handling. Other integrations include:

  • Property Inspection Manager – shares inspection data and automatically uploads completed inspection reports into Re-leased.
  • Fixflo – streamline your maintenance workflow with this app.
  • Inspection Express – inspections recorded in re-leased will appear in the app when it is time to complete them.
  • Google Calendar – plan on the go and have instant reminders pushed through to your calendar
  • Office 365 Calendar – plan on the go and have instant reminders pushed through to your calendar
  • google maps – see the spread of your properties and access information on each one quickly

I have clients that use this software, with feedback from them and reviews I have seen online I would recommend this for a property management company.

Wink Reports is a cloud-based reporting and dashboarding software which allows users to connect multiple cloud-based apps into custom dashboards and generate, schedule, share and export reports. The app is designed for small to medium sized businesses who use Google Analytics, Xero and other cloud based apps.

Integrations Include:

  • Xero
  • Vend
  • Unleashed
  • Service M8
  • Slack
  • SimPro
  • WorkflowMax
  • Mailchimp
  • and many more

There are a range of standard reports built-in which can be edited or design and customise reports from scratch. White-labelled reports can be created with company branding and cal be published directly to websited and exported to excel or PDF. There is the ability to setup custom integrations through the use of Winklets without the constraints of Zapier.

There is a free trial available and the option of 2 plans Essentials $99USD p/m or Professional $199USD p/m. For larger firms there is an Enterprise plan and Partner Plans available for accounting or advisory firms.

There are multiple reviews available from the Xero app store all of which are 5 star reviews. There is a Wink Academy and knowledge base to ensure that you can use the reports drawing information from different sources

There are a lot of apps to choose from that can enhance your reporting, choosing the right ones can be critical to get the information thatyou want. If you are in a very specific industry check which apps are relevant to your niche e.g. Figured for farming or Re-leased for commercial property. a lot of apps aren’t industry specific and may provide the reporting you are after or could just provide similar information to what is in xero.

Ensure that you thoroughly research or see an advisor to refer you to the best app however make sure that you also research them to see that they will provide what you are after. If there are free trials available make use of them and actually use them during the trial to see what the software will do. So many people use them once and then have to pay for a month to actually trial it properly later.

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