AML Services

AML Services

Whether your business needs to conduct AML or you are hiring an Accountant you will encounter the AML process and need to provide information to be verified. Every company has its own processes whether they use a third party provider or request and verify the information themselves. There are quite a few companies that are now providing various AML Services. Aml Solutions – They provide AML Audits, AML Consulting and AML Training. Their AML Audits include the following procedures:
  • Pre-audit document reviews – They thoroughly pre-audit check your documentation to ensure it’s in line with the NZ AML Act.
  • Independent Statutory Audits – They provide leading, detailed statutory AML and Counter Terrorism audits.
  • Post-audit remediation reviews – following the independent audit they will undertake remediation with you to ensure you meet your obligations.
  • Assurance testing supporting internal audit teams – All AML/CFT audits come with assurance testing that supports your internal audit teams.

The AML Training is available through various mediums:

  • Open Courses
  • ELearning
  • In-House Training
  • AML Summits

First AML – First AML completes the Customer Due Diligence process for you, so you can stay focused on your business. They provide the following:

  • Managing CDD onboarding
  • Ensure you are AML Compliant

Centrix – Centrix can provide the following reports:

  • Credit report for businesses
  • Personal credit reports
  • Credit reports for landlords
  • Credit reports for employers
  • Credit reports for lenders
  • Fraud and identity reports
  • ID Verification
  • Beneficial Ownership Check
  • Wheels report
  • PPSR

There are no joining fees, no ongoing annual fees and pay only for what you use.  Any business will need to review whether they have AML obligations or not and decide to do the whole process in house or look at third party services that can complete the task for you.

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