FreshBooks Launches in New Zealand

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Freshbooks is an accounting software that was founded in Canada in 2003. It started as an invoicing software that has expanded hugely over the years. It is now a double entry accounting system for sole traders and small businesses.

Freshbooks provides all the basic accounting functions – invoicing, bills and bank statement imports. There are too many features to list and a whole app centre with options that integrates to help book appointments, manage projects and time etc. It is a super easy to use software. You can try Freshbooks free for 30 days, which includes all features except advance payments so you will get a good idea of how easy it is to use. Once your 30 day trial is over you will need to select the plan that best suits your need. Check the pricing diagram below to see the features that each plan has.

Press Release

FreshBooks, a cloud-based accounting software provider, announced today that it is expanding its invoicing software offering to meet the needs of New Zealand small businesses. This includes the creation of a new starter plan and competitive pricing packages with unique pricing, set in NZ currency.

“FreshBooks recognizes the depth and breadth of small businesses across New Zealand. We’re excited to help local owners impress their clients and get paid faster with our competitive new starter plan and invoicing software,” said Dragana Ljubisavljevic, SVP of International Markets at FreshBooks. “FreshBooks is listening to the passionate small business owners in New Zealand by making it easier for them to digitize their invoicing.” 

The expansion in New Zealand arrives as small business owners look for invoicing software that is intuitive and simple to use. FreshBooks is different because it’s built exclusively for small businesses, making it easier to stay on top of invoicing. The company’s new starter plan in New Zealand lets businesses: 

  • Send 2 invoices per month to up to 2 clients
  • Collect online payments without invoicing 
  • Track unlimited expenses
  • Get paid with credit cards via Stripe & PayPal
  • Access their account from anywhere on iOS and Android devices


All pricing packages are being offered at new competitive rates


As you can see the pricing is really good and there is currently 70% off for 3 Months which makes it really cheap to try especially if you are just starting out in business. How many clients you have will determine the subscription that you need. With plans starting from $5 and 4 plans available you can easily upgrade to the next package as your business expands. The software is created for freelancers, sole traders and businesses with contractors or employees.

Package Plans

They also have a global support team that you can phone if you need help. I know this can be a big problem with some software and you just really need to pick up the phone and speak to someone. The support team is available from Tuesday – Saturday 2am – 2pm NZ time as they work during Canadian hours.

So if you are looking for a new software or just starting out check out Freshbooks and see if one of their plans suits your needs and budget. This is one I will be looking into further and putting some clients on as the plans will suit them better than other software plans that are available at the moment. We have created a Freshbooks Masterclass course to learn all there is to know about Freshbooks.

Click here to try FreshBooks Free for 30 Days

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