FundTap & Zip Business

Anyone who owns a small business will know that the biggest challenge is getting paid on time and managing cashflow. Some things can be done to combat the threat of late payments and smooth out cashflow. Given the issues that can be caused by late paid invoices, it makes sense to keep on top of your accounts receivable and ensure they are correct. Ensure that invoices are sent out promptly and that invoice reminders are set in your accounting software as this lets your system chase late payments and it is quite effective.

If you need to prepay for stock or purchases there are alternative lending options to help with cashflow. Lenders include Zip Business and FundTap in NZ and they provide secure lending faster. If you opt in to share data from Xero with the lenders this can speed up the process which can normally be done digitally.

Fundtap & Zip Business

FundTap is an invoice factoring and finance business and is all about solving their client’s cashflow needs so that their businesses can thrive and grow. FundTap operates across Australia and New Zealand and its team strives to be the best by continually innovating.


Phoenix kitchen transformations has provided a review for on FundTaps simplicity of processes and the ability to connect to Xero. There are also several reviews on the Xero app marketplace all of which are 5 stars.

FundTaps fees are as low as 4% and there is a funding and fee calculator on their website so you can see how much the fees will be so you can make an informed decision as to whether this will suit your business.


Zip Business was formally Spotcap. They provide loans up to $500K and lend to businesses with great potential, that has been trading for at least 18 months and are a registered NZ business with an NZ bank account.


It only takes 5 minutes to apply online and once you have been approved, you have access to the funds and can drawdown on this, as needed. Once drawndown these become business loans and are repayable monthly. There is a business loan calculator on their website where you can choose the amount and the period of repayment, this will then tell you the monthly repayment on this amount.

If you are after cashflow funding the above options could supply the solution you are after. I have not personally used either option so ensure that you thoroughly research the options and any other businesses that provide a similar service before going ahead with finance.

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